About Me


I studied for my Media Communication and Technology Degree at East Stroudsburg University.  I received my Master of Social Work degree from Temple University my Master of Divinity/Master of Social Work degree from Palmer Theological Seminary.  I am currently a PhD candidate in Urban Education at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa.

At my current trajectory I should be finished my PhD sometime in 2019.  My research largely focuses on gender and academic achievement.  More clearly, I am interested in urban black male students, resiliency, and how institutions (i.e. schools, churches and families) and societal, political and economic factors are implicated in social and academic outcomes. As an experienced mixed-methods researcher I have worked on SPSS Data Editor and am familiar with AtlasTi.

For the past 25 years I have been employed as a Student Assistance Coordinator in an urban school district.  In this capacity I primarily work with at risk students and their families.  When I am not working or studying I enjoy, hiking, running and photography.


8 responses to “About Me

  1. Thanks for what you do. Aren’t those amazing students all the reward ever needed? I look forward to reading your blog as it seems to have the positivity I always need to hear and the right mindset. I’ll also live vicariously as I am stepping away, for how long??, from my teaching career.

  2. Hi, Marc:
    It’s great to know that you are working on a PhD at Temple.
    I wish you the best.
    I am still at the same old fruit stand, only it has moved over to Brunswick Ave in Lawrence from Bellevue Ave.

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