The Circus is Coming to Town


President-elect Donald Trump

It’s all over the internet, after more than 100 years the Ringling Brothers Circus is coming to an end.  Animal rights activists are figuratively dancing in the streets because now the elephants will be set free, the lions can roam at their leisure and the horses will be put out to pasture.  Ironically, the closing of Ringling Brothers is dominating the net on the very day set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Unfortunately, instead of remembering Dr. King people are standing by the water coolers and discussing how the lions, tigers and bears will be able to enjoy their final years.

But I just stopped by to tell you that contrary to popular belief the circus is not coming to an end, its moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. where Donald Trump and his cronies will take up residence on January 20th.

Historians and others note they have seen the likes of Donald Trump before; a charismatic man with a narcissistic personality who talks tough, says what he means, and will do everything he can to demean his enemies.  But I have also seen this guy before – in high school.  He was the kid who was bigger and meaner than everyone else and used his size and strength to bully people.  Then one day he barked at the wrong tree and a smaller tougher kid violently chopped him down to size.  And when it happened all the kids in the schoolyard were all filled with glee, happiness and excitement in part because they wanted to see the bully get what he had coming to him.  Right now Donald Trump is picking on small players (actors, reporters, politicians, and the media).  And while he has every right to defend himself, sooner or later he will have to deal with someone on the global stage, someone who won’t back down and someone who will know how and be willing to fight.  The only problem is that President Trump can’t take a punch, and, perhaps more importantly, he won’t be the one crawling into the ring.  Our young men and women will be the ones thrust into harm’s way when they take the battlefield.  Have mercy Lord, I hope I am wrong.

But wait I am talking about the forthcoming dog and pony show right?  Trump will be the ringleader but he will have other actors with him.  Have you heard Reince Priebus talk?  I have and I am not impressed.  And would someone please get Kellyanne Conway off the stage?  Someone please take the mic out of her hands because right now she is doing both herself and Donald Trump a disservice.  I don’t mind if people disagree with me or come to a different conclusion, but at least be able to present a clear, cogent argument.  I am equally concerned about Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos who has never taught or even worked in a school.  Her disdain for public schools is widely documented and if she has her way, more charter schools, despite their murky achievement records, will show up in a city near you.

Trump ran on a platform of bringing back jobs and making America great again. Yes, jobs are important but he will need to learn to focus social issues.  I don’t think he is savvy enough of has the political clout to deal with the growing racial divide in this county.  I also don’t think he has the heart to address the opined epidemic that is currently gripping the nation.  These issues require more than financial intelligence, they require heart emotional intelligence, an area where the President is sorely lacking.

The actors or participants in a circus must be able to do something, they must have a particular skill. Some people know how to walk a tight rope while others know how to go flying through the air.  Trump’s skill?  He can type up to 40 characters in 5 seconds. He can even do it at 3:00 am in the morning.  Unfortunately, this skill and his ability to offend people is not valued by world leaders or even the American people.  Some folks are worried that Trump will lead us into a nuclear war because he will have his hands on the button.  But I’m not worried about him pushing the button, because right now he is too busy typing and insulting people on twitter.

Ah yes the circus is coming to town.  It’s going to be entertaining and sad at the same time.  Let’s hope the show doesn’t last long.


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